lunedì 31 gennaio 2011

Go Colin Go!

Thanks to its brilliant cast I loved this film I saw on the weekend!
It's the story of King George VI of Britain, his ascension to the throne and the speech therapist who helped the unsure monarch become worthy of it. A wonderful portrait with a touch of English humor (check The Guardian if you want to read some more).

If you want to discover all the nominies and the won awards of the movie please check here.
I warmly suggest it to anyone!

Bye for now!


domenica 30 gennaio 2011

At Riccardo's Court

Now that Givenchy's couture presentations are intimate, Riccardo Tisci has decreased the number of dresses per collection produced: this time there were only ten, but still really dramatic.
Once more Tisci left behind usual black-based colour palette.
Inspired by Japanese robot toys and Kazuo Ohno (the legendary Japanese Butoh dancer), the collection appear delicately romantic when seen from the front, but are grounded by a technological, robotic charge in fluorescent yellow or fuchsia when viewed from the back. 
The lightweight dresses featured clear Asian style elements such as structural shapes, warrior-inspired headgear by Philip Treacy, and folding techniques.
Declared “works of art” by the likes of fashion journalist Suzy Menkes, the dresses took an accumulated 6,000 hours to create.

The Haute Couture show took place in Paris and shown the collection exlusevely on Asian models, demonstrating once more  that Asia has moved to fashion’s forefront. For sure the career of each model will be boosted by this important feauturing. 


As alredy mentioned in the blog as well, Asia, and especially China, is fashion’s current main focus, with luxury labels staging their fashion shows there and US Vogue’s Anna Wintour reportedly working on establishing a Vogue Fashion Fund designer scheme in the country.

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sabato 29 gennaio 2011

Modern Mercury

I took this picture last time I was in Hong Kong.
I couldn't not take it: this young boy was proudly standing in the middle of the MTR wearing this eyecathcing model of sneakers.
I never saw a pair of shoes like this before, probably he customized them.

Bye for now!


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venerdì 28 gennaio 2011

Need a t-shirt?


Two days ago I finally received a lovelly t-shirt I bought from a tasteful Italian artist, who's name is Chiara Boz.
I randomly get to know her creations, thanks to a comments she left on my blog.
I choosed one with the above print, because this girl wearing glasses reminds me of myself.

Basically she creates beautiful draws and sketch which then became prints on 100% cotton basic white t-shirts or slim fit white t-shirts.
She's now developing several prints designs, most of them influenced by fashion and art, and by SS 11 the line Reve+, thanks to new sweater and more girly tees with laces, will be wider.

The price is definately honest and affordable: 15 euro, shipment included. Wants some more?
She delivers you the t-shirt including a very nice bag you may use if you intend to give somebody the tee as a present.

Also the two below pictured t-shirts are Reve+. If you want to discover some more on her works, or you'd like to buy a t-shirt you can visit both her blog or her brand Reve+ website.

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giovedì 27 gennaio 2011

mercoledì 26 gennaio 2011

Safari Perfection

What do you think?

I love this Donna Karan SS 11 sandal. I think it's safari style shoe perfection. The details on platform and heel are very sophisticated and "trés chic". Besides it looks pretty confortable

Bye for now!


lunedì 24 gennaio 2011

Missoni United

I definately like this advertisement video for Missoni SS 11 collection. And what about the music?
I assume that the meaning of the advertisement is sort of "United Colours and Ages of Missoni", like no matter how old you are or where you come from, you can wear Missoni if you like.
Missoni has always be a master in colur and print mixing. Acid colours,  tribal shapes, psychedelic patterns, colour blocking, inspired by Africa, Mexico, Japan, Vietnam and many more countries, with a touch of hip-hip and funky lettering... this collection has it all.

I like it!

Bye for now!


Ps: Celebrities + Missoni's family memeber are starring this video. Check at the end of it.

Do you mind if I wear glasses?





I desperately need my glasses. As soon as I wake up I need to wear them... Yes, I have difficulties with my eyesight and I can't stand lens for long anymore, specially while I use the computer. 
So years ago I decided that if this is my problem I better face it with fun instead of wearing annoing glasses.
Recently I had luck and found at a local flea market this pair of stunning Karl Lagerfeld in perfect condition at really really cheap price. I assume they are from the 70' or, at least, early '80. Now they're waiting for suitable optic lens. What do you think about it?


This are my other glasses... love to match them with clothes.

Bye for now!


domenica 23 gennaio 2011

China and Fashion vol. 2

I have already talked on how much European fashion and luxury brands are interested in China.
Now also Prada payed its respect to the growing wealthy Chinese class and signalled her focus on China's huge market.
Yesterday January 22nd, the Milanese brand throw a special show at the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum in Beijing and this was Prada's first catwalk show outside Europe. 
Miuccia Prada, who has already won plaudits for her spring/summer 2011 collection (simply-cut dresses and suits in a quirky mix of stripes and solids, with bold splashes of orange, violet and electric blue), for the special occasion added a few looks from her spring menswear line.
Now, choosing Beijing as the location of the first show outside of Europe, can be seen as a way to thank Chinese customers for the total sales increased by 51 percent throughout 2010 in China. Not only that, rumors circulating in the fashion world also mentioned the steps taken by the Italian fashion house Prada on any plan to register the company in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (if you want to read some more about it please go to AFP or to Beijing Stylites)

Many local celebrities participated at the show: among them the actresses Gong Li (first pic) and  Maggie Cheung (second pic).


The event also hosted the English group "The Pet Shop Boys" which intrateined Prada's many guest.

Definately China is the place to be right now!

Bye for now!


sabato 22 gennaio 2011

A single man + An education


 Still at home most of the time to recover from car crash.
I'm adding on my "thing to do while I'm at home" list two movies to see: An Education + A Single Man.

The first movie, directed by Lone Scherfig is a coming-of-age story about a teenage girl in 1960s suburban London, and how her life changes with the arrival of a playboy nearly twice her age. The second one, directed by the stylist Tom Ford, is a story that centers on an English professor who, one year after the sudden death of his partner, is unable to cope with his typical days in 1960's Los Angeles.

Anyone already saw them?



Bye for now


venerdì 21 gennaio 2011

On flowers

Today I took a picture of a dress my mum gave me as a gift when I was little. It's a beautiful vintage dress that she founded in a local market. I always loved it and dreamed of the time I'll finally wear it.
Now that I've grown enough I still have to use, and I'm just thinking that maybe, this summer I will. But when? How?
I don't think this dress is suitable to partecipate to beautiful summer weddings... it's too white! So when? Maybe during some summer parties in the garden? Possibly!
Would you wear it with flats or heels? I've to think a little bit about it, but I've all the time I need untill summer comes.

Here below you find a selection of some SS 11 beautiful dress with flowers, butterflies and ... fruits.

Bye for now!


giovedì 20 gennaio 2011

New Dandy

A couple of days ago, another fashion show took the catwaalk in Milan: it was Gucci Men FW 12.
Usually I'm not a big fan of this brand but somehow I like this collection that looks back to '70 and early '80 for its inspiration.
In the collection many shades of slate and grey ware used for tailored suits and coats. Touches of alligator, shearling, dark leather and plenty of fur appeared in the show as well (defenately yuppies '80). Evening suits jackets are made in velvet and  enriched by thin ties. 

Of course the outfit brings to my memories the costume used on the Italian movies "Romanzo Criminale" and also in the upcoming "Vallanzasca" (which I can't wait to see). Both of them are filmed by the talented Michele Placido.
See yourself out the collection and pictures/videos taken from the movies.




 (Dandy it's my favourite!)


Bye for now!


Ps: Today I finished to read Madame Bovary! Just started a new book!

mercoledì 19 gennaio 2011

Colour Blocking... Colour Shocking!

Ready for spring-summer colour blocking?

First get some paints...

Then get some blocks...

Finally follow your inspiration and colour block everything!

Here below you find a selection of SS 11 colour blocking outfit I like best.

Bye for now!