venerdì 21 gennaio 2011

On flowers

Today I took a picture of a dress my mum gave me as a gift when I was little. It's a beautiful vintage dress that she founded in a local market. I always loved it and dreamed of the time I'll finally wear it.
Now that I've grown enough I still have to use, and I'm just thinking that maybe, this summer I will. But when? How?
I don't think this dress is suitable to partecipate to beautiful summer weddings... it's too white! So when? Maybe during some summer parties in the garden? Possibly!
Would you wear it with flats or heels? I've to think a little bit about it, but I've all the time I need untill summer comes.

Here below you find a selection of some SS 11 beautiful dress with flowers, butterflies and ... fruits.

Bye for now!


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