martedì 4 gennaio 2011

Happy New Year with... Mythology!

Hey! I haven't been writing since... last year!
Any better suggestion than Pirelli Calendar for a more glamorous 2011 calendar?

This year the Pirelli Calendar - also known as "The Cal"- has been shooted by Mr. Karl Lagerfeld at his Paris studio.
To evocate the myth of the antique Greece only a black background, appropriate lights and a few body adornment on the models where enough to make Mythology - that's the name of 2011 calendar - as glamorous as Pirelli Calendar is supposed to be... no luxurios or exotic locations were needed.
For the first time also male nude are shooted in this edition and of course Messiuer Lagerfeld - always mooving fastfarward, not only in fashion - choosed his "muse" male model: Baptiste Giabiconi.

My favorite character is Hera, wife of Zeus, interpreted by the beautiful and talented Julianne Moore, although all the pictures are intense and magnetic.

Unfortunately only few people in the whole world are lucky anough to keep in their hands an original copy of this calendar which name couldn't be more appropriate than the choosed one.

Hope you enjoy the video, bye for now.


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