giovedì 13 gennaio 2011

oh oh!

Unfortunaltely yesterday I had a car injury so I'll have to stay at home and rest for some days. It could have gone worts but fortunately I'm still here.
Laying at home is a little bit against my nature but I have to, so I'm trying to figure out what
 I can do that I usually I don't have the time to.
Here's my list.

1. Finish to read Madame Bovary,
2. Start to read another book: I think "Un indovino mi disse" written by Tiziano Terzani. Any suggestion is warmly welcome.
3. Write a letter to Aussie relatives: this year I haven't been really good and I haven't wrote Christmas card as I usually do.
4. Make some Chinese reading
5. Watch some Chinese Tv
6. Read the newspaper every day

And than? What can I do not to get annoied at home?


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