venerdì 28 gennaio 2011

Need a t-shirt?


Two days ago I finally received a lovelly t-shirt I bought from a tasteful Italian artist, who's name is Chiara Boz.
I randomly get to know her creations, thanks to a comments she left on my blog.
I choosed one with the above print, because this girl wearing glasses reminds me of myself.

Basically she creates beautiful draws and sketch which then became prints on 100% cotton basic white t-shirts or slim fit white t-shirts.
She's now developing several prints designs, most of them influenced by fashion and art, and by SS 11 the line Reve+, thanks to new sweater and more girly tees with laces, will be wider.

The price is definately honest and affordable: 15 euro, shipment included. Wants some more?
She delivers you the t-shirt including a very nice bag you may use if you intend to give somebody the tee as a present.

Also the two below pictured t-shirts are Reve+. If you want to discover some more on her works, or you'd like to buy a t-shirt you can visit both her blog or her brand Reve+ website.

Bye for now!


5 commenti:

  1. Thanks Benedetta!!
    You're very kind!
    I hope these tee likes girls who love fashion
    A hug

  2. Bellissima idea! anche il soggetto non mi dispiace :)


  3. La maglia con la torre Eiffel è bellissima *_*



  4. Vero? Vai a vedere il sito di Chiara, ne vale la pena secondo me! xx