giovedì 20 gennaio 2011

New Dandy

A couple of days ago, another fashion show took the catwaalk in Milan: it was Gucci Men FW 12.
Usually I'm not a big fan of this brand but somehow I like this collection that looks back to '70 and early '80 for its inspiration.
In the collection many shades of slate and grey ware used for tailored suits and coats. Touches of alligator, shearling, dark leather and plenty of fur appeared in the show as well (defenately yuppies '80). Evening suits jackets are made in velvet and  enriched by thin ties. 

Of course the outfit brings to my memories the costume used on the Italian movies "Romanzo Criminale" and also in the upcoming "Vallanzasca" (which I can't wait to see). Both of them are filmed by the talented Michele Placido.
See yourself out the collection and pictures/videos taken from the movies.




 (Dandy it's my favourite!)


Bye for now!


Ps: Today I finished to read Madame Bovary! Just started a new book!

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