martedì 11 gennaio 2011

Movies Vs Reality

Have you haver wathced the movie "Funny Faces" starring Audrey Hapburn and Fred Astaire? I do, of  course as, thanks to my mum, I'm an Audrey fun of the first era. I recently saw it again and I could not notice how much Miss Prescot reminds me of.... Anna Wintour. Possibly Mrs Wintour saw the movie  as well and got a little inspired. Try to see yourself out!

Funny Face is a 1957 musical commedy in which the fashion world is displayed only as a background and is not the main subject. Anyway, as many '50 comments worth to spend a couple of hours watching it: the costumes, the scenary and the beautiful Audrey.

Then in 2006 Maryl Streep was another fearful fashion director... Miranda Prestley, head of the fashion magazine "Runway". Rumors says her character is inspired by Anna Wintour, American Vogue Director.


Then the real Anna Wintour got filmed on "The September Issue", and showed herself and her behaviour to the world, as well as how much work runs behind a Vogue issue.
So what you think, are there any similarities between Miss Margaret Prescot, Miranda Prestley and Anna Wintour?

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