martedì 8 febbraio 2011


Sorry for the lack of post in those past days.
I'll be back to work on Thursday, almost completely recovered from the car accident. Unfortunately I wont be able to wear hills or wedges for a couple of months (hopfully), so I'll with go flat flat flats.
As recently I only purchased wedges and heel, I took advance of the sales and  bought some new flats. What do you think? I love them!
I got them in one of my favorite factory store nearby my town.
From left to right: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Marc by Marc Jacobs

I also found this tartan dress at a charity shop in which I always discover nice things which deserves a second chance. Ah, also the belt is from the same charity shop! ;-)

Dress and belt: from local charity shop
Boots: Chloé
What do you think about it?
Bye for now!

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  1. hope u r doing ok from the accident. take care! i twisted my ankle a month ago and can't wear heels for too long either...those flats r cute!

  2. Thanks for your caring comment Echo!. I'll take care. Glad you like the flats!

  3. loove the dress and the boots!xx

  4. ok!let's follow each other!I'm your newest follower!xx

  5. Lovely dress! The pattern is so pretty :)

    VPV Intern

  6. Thank you so much LizAnn! Follow me if you like! xx