venerdì 18 febbraio 2011

Nailpolish obsession

From left: colour 712 and 902, both from Pupa

Are you obesessed by nailpolishes like me? I'm addicted to them.
Yesterday I bought two new ones, they are from Pupa (pretty good quality, fair prices), and I think the colour shades are perfect for last winter days as well as blossoming spring days.
And... the light blue one perfectly match with my flower brooch -gift of a friend- that I like to wear on basic t-shirt in summer and spring.
Below, you can see how much I like nailpolishes

Dust palette #1

Dust palette #2
Pink palette

Summer palette #1

Summer palette #2

Wish you all a lovely weekend.

Bye for now!


3 commenti:

  1. Gli smalti di Kiko hanno sempre dei colori splendidi.. l'azzurro e il verde sono super!

  2. Tutti molto belli questi smalti!

    Xoxo Mara
    Passa se ti va

  3. @Maretta: grazie mille! Passo dal tuo blog molto volentieri