lunedì 14 febbraio 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I remember how much I was looking forward to Valentine's Day when I was a teenager! Now? I don't need Valentine's day anymore, I have plenty of love in my life and I like best to considere "normal day" like Valentine's just from me and Luca, and not from all the world.
Valentine's day is just a normal one, in fact I'm going with him to the swimming pool as we do every Monday and Thuersday. 
By the way... my love's gift of the first Valentine's day we were together is always around my wrist.

Here's some love images I like taken from movies and others.

Bye for now!


Ps: Just receiveid three beautiful and unexpected red roses from my love ;-D! He definately knows how to surprise me!

5 commenti:

  1. Carino questo Blog :)
    se vuoi passa anche da noi


    Ps: Happy Valentine's day,Girl!

  2. Grazie ragazzi, passo di sicuro. Voi continuate a seguirmi se vi va! xx

  3. Anche io non festeggio mai S. Valentino, credo siano passati anni dall'ultima effetti credo sia la ricorrenza piu' idiota che ci possa essere, ma vabbe' la mia e' solo un opinione personale, of course!:-)

  4. Che belle immagini....sono carinissime!

    Un bacione,