lunedì 21 febbraio 2011

What I was needing!

In my bag there's everything I need and even more...


But something it was missing untill now. What?

How many times do you want to bring a banana for a quick and healthy snack during your day? The only problem is that it easily gets ruined and smashed. Now there's one handy solution, that it's the new "must have" accessory in my bag.

Please let me introduce you... "THE CHIQUISAFE", the banana safe!

Now your banana wont get ruined anymore!
You can buy online here.

Bye for now!


4 commenti:

  1. Wow, your blog is very, very cool!
    loved it, congratulations!

  2. @Eleonora: tesoro, sapevo l'avresti apprezzato. xx
    @ Lila Pink: thanks for the appreciation. Follow me if you'd like! xx

  3. Che buffo il salva-banana!
    Grazie per il commento e un abbraccio :-)