giovedì 17 febbraio 2011


I'm not a professional photographer, not even a photographer wannabe. Really talented people must be named like that. 
Me? I somethimes, like to take pics, to remember moments, places or people. I only use a small digital Canon Ixus camera.
I took those picture while I was hanging around in my town - Padova- last weekend.
Hope you like them.

Nice childhood memories link me to this overfilled shop in the city ghetto

"Piazza delle Erbe", I love this place

The ancient observatory called "La Specola" - where Galileo Galilei used to observe the sky- coming out from a misty afternoon

Old light

Lovely urban graffiti

I recently discovered and loved this Carmen Consoli's song!
 I forgot of her for quite a long time, I used to listen to her beautiful songs a lot, some years ago.

Weekend is knocking.
Bye for now!


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